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    A Thousand Generations

    Chiyo is a 19 year old girl born in the year 1865 in japan.She was the daughter of a Royal family with her brother Rin. The kingdom wa…

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Ford mustang

over 3 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

swap? Pls read ON THE RUN, thanks so much


over 3 years ago Marcus Davis said:

I read your story, I cannot wait for the other capters


over 3 years ago Cayla Annais said:

Hello my fellow figgie, I am working on a novel called THE ECHO, SO far I only have the prologue but I will be adding more soon. If you could check it out and heart/comment/review/react I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that!!

I would read whatever you like of yours in return... :-)

The Echo:

The Echo's haunt her. The Echos of that night. The night that ruined her life. A car accident. Victoria barely survived that night. Her best friend, boyfriend and little brother died; but she survived. Scars across her skin remind her that she survived but they didn't. She blames herself. But when she meets Derek will her help her learn that its not her fault? Will he help your realize that she isn't to blame? Will they fall in love? Or will she hide her past from him?

THANK YOU http://figment.com/books/765464-The-Echo-


about 4 years ago book.coffee.autumn said:

Good byes.

They can hurt.

-See what the buzz is all the buzz is about! Read The Sinners:)


about 4 years ago William Carter said:

Hey! Are you up for a swap? If so, please read any of my writings (Please let me know which one you read), and I'll read one of yours of your choosing that is the same length. Let me know on my wall what you want me to read. Have a good day, and I apologize if I posted this before. :D

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Hope Forgotten

(about 4 years ago)

I really like stories with deeper meanings,and this story has that. To me, the story goes in line with the old saying "Love conquers all"... Read More »


(about 4 years ago)

It's a very emotional Piece, I think everyone was pulled in to the last section the most. It was almost as Her pain was my pain.I felt ve... Read More »