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    Tim's Shiner

    When her best friend Tim shows up on her doorstep with a black eye, Katie McCabe teases him for being a klutz, until she learns the ho…

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over 1 year ago Tyanna Snider (on) said:

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Jannette head shot three

about 2 years ago Jannette Fuller said:


Greetings, you are personally invited to Attend Cleveland's most talked about Wedding.

Please present your invitation at the entrance of the church, and if I were you, I would sit by the doors...things may get out of hand.

P/S The contest ends tomorrow. And Jannette--the Wedding Planner--is in need of more heats to qualify to be in the top *10* by tomorrow @ 5pm! If you read and heart, she will return the read. She is good for her word--her guardian angel makes sure she shows honesty and integrity to all of her readers and fans~~~

The Wedding Crasher


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