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  • Fantasyface23
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    Metamorphosis Book II

    The year is 2116. Alexandria Sophia Sivers has been sentenced to prison for an eternity after trying to save an animal who was going t…

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  • Cover23
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    Homeless Walter

    A rich lawyer offers Homeless Walter a check. Is it a trick? A test? Whatever the case may be, Walter becomes careless only to soon fi…

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  • Brown4
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    Escape Book I

    The year is 2111 in Nubia City. Things have changed. Lives have been controlled. Animals have been killed. Four best friends discover…

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  • Red hair angel
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    Her Revenge like Love

    Two creatures fall in love in search for a gem that leads to chaos in both worlds.

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about 1 year ago Lindsey Tarkington said:

Hi there! I know it has been a long time but I have not forgotten a fellow fig. I was wondering if my followers would be interesting in reading a new novel-in-progress I've been working on. The description is on my profile if you're interested. Please let me know!

Paris needs hep (1)

over 1 year ago [TeamPhantom] aum0001(Offline) said:

Hi. I'm Andrew, the moderator from Sleepless Nights. I was wanting to try to get group to be active again. Will you come back onto it?


over 1 year ago Teagan D. said:

over 2 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

Hi, want to swap?


over 2 years ago Mick_Moose said:

Hey love Fairy Tail? With that you could hang with Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy along with the rest of the guild? Well the Fairy Tail Fan Club is the place for you! We have and active rp, fan are competitions and fan-fic competitions. We also have the Grand Magic Games! Please come join us!


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My Reviews

The Hum in her Head

(almost 3 years ago)

Hello, This is for our swap. Awe. I loved the ending sentence. It narrowed down everything so perfectly. A few grammar errors, m... Read More »

The Void

(almost 3 years ago)

Hello, This is for our swap. This is a very interesting story. Seems realistic. A few things. To start off, get to the point... Read More »