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  • Suave noir cover
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    Nights at the Suave Noir

    New York, 1928. The worst speakeasy in the city is the Suave Noir, which stays open, no matter how much bad press it gets. In spite of…

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  • Inklings
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    All first draft junk, but this is for me to get back in the swing of writing, get reacquainted with some old friends, and give some id…

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  • Mrp cover
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    MRP: Pop Goes Culture

    This is my 2014 Major Research Paper, which focuses on the impact war had on modern America's culture; it also looks at the historical…

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  • Cover-3
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    The Sphallolalia Endeavor

    Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, sexual content, and brief mild language.<br> The Sheere family has been in Wells Fargo for as long…

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  • Venalchimia cover progress 2 text v2
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    A Dangerous Game

    Seventeen-year-old Percival Wick wants to follow in his great-uncle's footsteps as the next great alchemist of the century. He travels…

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  • Ethereal cover2text
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    The Ethereal

    (Unedited First Draft) "I live in a strange world." Devinette is celebrating her one hundred seventeenth anniversary in a strange worl…

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about 1 year ago A.G. Wade said:

Yo! I know it's been awhile....actually, more than awhile, since I was even on Figment, but I've come to ask a huge favor.

A very, very close friend of mine is a budding writer, and I hope to encourage her and help her along as she travels this path that all of us on here know so well. If you could drop by and say 'hey' or better yet, give her a review or two, I would be deeply thankful!

Cheers, and thank you for being awesome!

~ A.G.


over 1 year ago Brooke Norris said:

Hey, Lauren! I was curious if you want to do a novel swap. I'm writing "Irish Hearts Never Lie" which is set in the 1920s in North Carolina (slightly ironic, I know, but some of the characters are Irish) and I'm looking for someone to read the first three chapters. That's all I have posted, but if you want to read more, then I can email them to you. Let me know! Thanks.


over 1 year ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Cover Designs Contest - Crystal Echoes


over 1 year ago Selena Brooks said:

Swap completed! I'm so sorry for the delay. Thanks so much for the feedback on Unveil; would you mind hearting if deserved?

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My Reviews

Unveil: Unveil #1 ★

(over 1 year ago)

Chapter One: You chose an apropos quote for this, it definitely sets the tone. As I read the first sentence, I found myself on the ... Read More »

Blazing Blizzard

(about 3 years ago)

Chapter Nine I’m baaaaa—aaaaaaaaack! First paragraph is strong. Very good descriptors and imagery. Good use of show, don’t tell. ... Read More »