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  • The lint games
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    The Lint Games

    I wrote this story for the Seventeen Magazine Contest. Please heart, read, comment, and review!! Jimmy is a quirky and witty ball o…

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  • Cover for the racer
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    The Racer

    Awesome cover by Emily Victoria. :) Goal of 100 hearts!! When Nero's father died racing Nero decided to finish what his fath…

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  • Cover for godlizard
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    Amazing Cover by Emily Victoria!! Goal of 150 Hearts!! I entered this story in a contest with my friends at my library and dec…

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  • Cover for in the wilderness
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    In The Wilderness

    Cover by Emily Victoria :) Goal of 150 Hearts! I wrote this story to cheer up my cousin who was feeling kind of sad. She wa…

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  • Cover for the five ninjas
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    The Five Ninjas

    Cover by Emily Victoria :) Goal of 100 hearts!! This story is about five ninjas who live in …

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  • Cover for rise of the zombies
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    Rise of the Zombies

    WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!! What would you do if you were at a party and all of a sudden a zombie apocalypse started? Well find out what …

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Talk to me!


5 months ago A.G. Wade said:

Yo! I know it's been awhile....actually, more than awhile, since I was even on Figment, but I've come to ask a huge favor.

A very, very close friend of mine is a budding writer, and I hope to encourage her and help her along as she travels this path that all of us on here know so well. If you could drop by and say 'hey' or better yet, give her a review or two, I would be deeply thankful!

Cheers, and thank you for being awesome!

~ A.G.


12 months ago Ae Clane said:

Hello. If you have the time, please read one of my prose poems and let me know what you think about it. Thank you. :)

Catalyst 2

over 1 year ago Catalyst said:

Hey I'm sorry to bother you, but I just posted my newest short story called, "When The Leaves Change" and it would mean the world to me if you read it and just told me if I suck or eh this kids okay. You may find the story on my profile. Thanks so much for your time and have a wonderful day.



over 1 year ago Anita Zamba said:

Hello, I'm Anita . I will like to be your friend only if you don't mind,please write so i can share my pictures with you,i have something very important things to discuss with you,Here is my email.( zamba-anita@hotmail.com


almost 2 years ago Cara said:

I was hoping you could be of some help to me. I have to produce a literary journal for my University class and I need poems and short stories, and was hoping you could be of some help to me. It isn't going to be published on a wide-scale; it's just for class, but I really wanted to inlcude some young writers in it. Thank you very much. You can leave a comment on my page if you are interested.

** Your work will be credited to you and I will not take any of your rights, so you can publish it elsewhere as well if you wanted.

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My Reviews

A Dream Come True

(over 4 years ago)

This was pretty good. It was intruiging and I was hooked from the first paragraph. You were very detailed so the reader felt as if th... Read More »

Book is temporarily deleted! Sorry!!!!!!

(over 4 years ago)

I like this story although I felt as if it was a little rushed at the beginning though. Also I didn't notice a lot of discription. Don'... Read More »