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  • Curb your enthusiasm
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Blake Winters' long gone father has just walked back into her life, with her new step-siblings and their mother in tow. With her mothe…

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  • Teenage psycho
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    Teenage Psycho

    After killing her father, Sloane Rivers and her mother flee to Minnesota to live with her grandmother. They're attempting to find norm…

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  • Spells
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    <i> Here's a little piece of news: Curses come in packages with a 'tear here' label on the side. Inevitably, that package will tear. <…

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  • Blood of stars
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    Blood of Stars

    Inspired by her late father, Aurora Hampton believes she has what it takes to be the youngest astronaut yet. She believes in a world b…

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  • Scratch the surface
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    Scratch the Surface

    India Lance used to have trouble sleeping. Terrifying vivid dreams made it difficult to tell when she was asleep or awake. When she wa…

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  • Blood currents 2
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    Blood Currents

    In a small Washington town, all hell is about to break lose after Craig Blare accidentally summons the devil via his girlfriend.

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Summer youth

8 days ago Devin-Alyssa Jackson said:

I was wondering if you'd like to join this Rp, I joined. Please check it out and if your interested join. http://figment.com/groups/35141-The-Immortals-RP- Thank you.


22 days ago A.J Jennings said:

Nothing much has happened. The Royals are at the Chateau de Compiegne meeting the new Dauphine, the Austrian archduchess. Everyone else is at Versailles waiting for the Royals to arrive. There aren't any claimable characters left except for nobles and servants.

Dreaming tree

22 days ago Rikki said:

That's alright, it seems like it has already died :/ None of my role plays seem to last very long lmao it feels like I haven't been a part of something substantial in a long time


22 days ago A.J Jennings said:

(RP already started but its been going slow and I dont want it to die ) 1753, Chateau de Versailles It's a beautiful era in the Gilded Cage. King Louis XV reigns over France, nobles spend their days in splendor, spreading scandal and waiting for the chance to gain more power in court. These days it seems like every noble has a secret, only waiting to get out. In a world away, the Third Estate is struggling with poverty. The common people are getting restless and angry at their government and only need a spark to start a revolt. The talk of rebellion is spreading throughout Paris. Talk about rebellion is starting to spread in the palace, but the court believes its the least of its worries. Welcome to the gilded cage. (Literate RP) http://figment.com/groups/34961-God-Save-the-King-Literate-RP-


about 1 month ago arie kay said:

That's okay, I hope you have a wonderful week! You are always welcomed to join.

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The Drift Between

(11 months ago)

Sorry, I only had time to read chapter one so far and I absolutely loved it! You have a style that just really drew me in from the first ... Read More »

Warrior Trials

(over 2 years ago)

Melanie! I really liked the concept of your piece and I thought it was a different take on all the dystopias but you also reminded me a l... Read More »