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  • Freedom in the sky
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    Freedom in the Sky

    This is just a short story on how I get inspired, for the #BrightPlaces contest!

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  • Invisible thorns
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    Invisible Thorns

    The amazing cover was made by Lauren Michelle!!! Natalia Hart can't remember anything about her past after she wakes up in a hospital…

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  • The christmas jar
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    The Christmas Jar

    PLEASE PUT SWAP REQUESTS OR BOOK REQUESTS ON PROFILE PAGE! Dawn is just a little girl, but when her family fills up a jar with spar…

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  • Perfect1
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    Thank you to Mira Lamb for the awesome cover! Isabelle is a girl with a non - perfect family. Her neighbors are. She spends hours l…

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  • Dscn0903
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    I Used to Rule the World

    Thank you to Rebekah Walker for the cover! Coldplay rules! It's a poem about a boy who can see faeries, and learns to trust them. B…

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  • Dyingbreath1
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    Dying Breath

    Thank you, Mira Lamb for the awesome cover! Bryce is an ordinary teenage boy with a happy life, until his sister Sarah gets murdered.…

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Talk to me!


almost 2 years ago A.Kg said:

Hello! I read your profile and I wanted to share my story with you. The title is "Hear me". You may or may not like it, but I'm happy to share it.


almost 2 years ago Sami Abilitiesdino said:

Hello my name is sami, i was really touched by your story freedom in the sky, I always thought that stars have an important role in our lives, they are like friends. I was very impressed with your point of view, and would like to be your friend


about 2 years ago Baylee Clark said:

Hello! I've created a group called Figment's Next Top Writer and want to invite you! This is a group with games, contests, prizes, covers, and more! Hope to see you soon! :) We are also in need of judges and cover makers!


over 2 years ago voidwalker said:

I chose this random short poem.... cause I saw flowers on the page.... and you have a pokemon profile avatar. and I wanted to randomly comment on someone's profile. nothing personal about the last one. as I don't Love anyone.... and the romantic sense....

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My Reviews

Bright Corners

(almost 3 years ago)

One thing I have to say, is that a couple of times when you were describing the woods, you should have said are instead of is, then at th... Read More »

All the Wonders

(almost 3 years ago)

The only thing I saw that I recommend being fixed was a line close to the beginning that went, "shining with the charity of it all" which... Read More »