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    In the medieval times, love is dangerous, and anything can happen. Mariot is next in line after the prince to the throne for queen, bu…

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    After the End

    In a dystopian world, Cecliy and her friends must survive the aftermath of The Happening or the end. They struggle to one day make it …

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    I Want One Direction

    PLEASE give this a heart! When going to a 1D concert, something amazing happens when they sing the song "I Want." I really wish I cou…

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almost 5 years ago Idil said:

Hi there :) do you wanna read a story that leaves you wanting more? Having your heart beating in unison with the character? Then please take a look at my story Pearl Pins for the SEVENTEEN CONTEST*Note there are two stories named Pearl Pins, the one I would LOVE for you to read is the one with Pearls on the cover*. But I do encourage you to read both, but if you have time for only one then take a look at the one for the contest, I would much appreciated since this means the world to me. I’ll read anything you want me to :). Spread it amongst your friends/followers that be great. Spread the love, the joy, and the passion to write, keep on at it!! :D** Sorry if i already asked***

Beach girl

about 5 years ago Natasha V. said:

Hey! My friend Ali Hart posted a new story, and she would love some feedback. She hasn't been very active on Figment lately, and she'd really love if you could read/heart her story. It's called A Casual Explosion, and here's the link: http://figment.com/books/481978-A-Casual-Explosion If you want to swap, please reply on my wall, as she doesn't always check hers. :) Thanks, and I'm really sorry if she or I have already asked you or if you don’t like swaps!

White squirrel 3

about 5 years ago Meri Elena said:

Hello; would you like to swap? If you take a look at my story "Abyss" (and heart if you think it merits) I will gladly return the favor for anything of yours.



about 5 years ago S. E. Cates said:

I'm sorry that I'm wall swapping. Trust me, I'm ashamed of myself. But no one is answering my swap posts on the forums, so I'm out of choices. I have an entry in the Dark Star contest, "Cracked", and I'm looking for--since I'm already being shameful--heart swaps. Let me know if you're at all interested!


about 5 years ago Emi B said:

The day the world tilted, everything changed. Three zones developed. The Hot Zone faced the sun. The Cold Zone faced the stars. The Mid Zone separated them. And, no one ever crossed the Mid Zone.

Please consider a swap for my story "Tilt of the World."

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