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    Bloody Mary

    This is a book about a psychotic young girl that wrestles with her conscience, deep from the pits of my eleven-year-old mind. Bloody M…

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  • Mira_lamb
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    The Dreamers and the Darkness

    What happens when a child spends his whole life hiding? Cover by Mira Lamb.

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  • Sad_baby1
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    Down in the Dumps

    I wrote this when I was nine. Hopefully it makes you smile :)

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    Assorted Short Stories

    A short story per chapter. Some funny, some sad.

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    Hijab is defined as a head covering worn in public by Muslim women. It covers everything except the face, feet, and hands. This is why…

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    Born Into a Different Life

    A collection of poems that will hopefully motivate you. I feel like poetry should be less about who you're in love with and more about…

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Talk to me!


about 3 years ago ForestWalker said:

If you are not open to swaps then you can ignore this, but if you want to be kind and read my brandonsanderson contest entry 'Burn' then please do. If you are open to swaps then I promise to read something in return,(as long as it's the same length, or shorter) Thanks!;)


almost 4 years ago Cayla Annais said:

Could you please read/comment/review/heart/react to my new novel; Cherish Me (In New York)

Cherish Me is about one night. A night were two people meet. Two people who have totally different pasts and no idea where there future is headed. Two people who are both broken and hurt in there own way. Two people who have a great night together. A night were they go out for coffee, go on the subway and have fun. One night where they forget there past. One night where they have fun. One night where love might just blossom. But what will happen when that night ends?

I would love if you could take the chance to look at my story!!

Face bc_0004

about 4 years ago Bianca Corgrott said:

You're awesome. :)



over 4 years ago Ali Renee said:

Oh my gosh that was so sweet. I hope I see you on the bestsellers list too :)


over 4 years ago Khulood Fahim said:

Hello! I posted the sign-ups and details for the Ramadan group Quran reading in our Islam group!

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My Reviews

Beauty, Ugly.

(almost 5 years ago)

The idea was good, but the story itself was too fast-paced and too cliche. Her emotions didn't feel real and didn't provoke any real shoc... Read More »

Why Nobody is a Happy Person

(over 5 years ago)

I like this. I like the main character and how he has a way of rambling but not really. I especially liked the first chapter & the beginn... Read More »