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    Young Legends

    [COMPLETE] Charlie Beckett's made some pretty bad life decisions before but this one kind of takes the cake. (There was a time when th…

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    The Encyclopedia Project

    Call it world-building, call it boredom, call it way over-thinking things. Either way, here is everything you ever wanted to know abou…

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    Senior Slide

    [COMPLETE] Otherwise known as Volume 1.5. Takes place, as you might guess, between Volume I and Volume II. It's also this year's NaNo,…

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    Spoiler Alert

    [COMPLETE] A unofficial addendum to the Nineteen, Eighty Eight trilogy. Unofficial because it's completely cracktastic, will probably …

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    Chaos Theory

    In which Finn McKinney breaks the universe.

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  • Volume1
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    [EXCERPT] Will's life was painfully average until his chemistry teacher went insane. Once he's introduced to the new substitute, howev…

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Talk to me!


over 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

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Because I like your profile pic, your covers, and you have a nice name :) Hope you have a great day and Happy writing! :)


over 3 years ago ambi said:

Hey, Casie! Would you like to swap? Please take a look at Warmth and I'll return the favor on any of your works.


over 3 years ago ambi said:

Hey, Casie - thanks for the follow!


almost 4 years ago Serena Sanchez said:

Please read my mature series. It called G.O.B.H or Girls of badass high. Two volumes are now available. "Children of prophecy" and "wild madness".


almost 4 years ago Riley Paige said:

Hello , How are you today!? Read any good books lately, because I would love to know! If not, check out “Watery Grave” or “This Is NOT About A Taco Party” (That title is set to change!) Let me know what you think about them, heart it, leave a comment or review, and show me what you felt when reading them by the emotion buttons! I will return the favor with whichever lovely story you would like me to read! Thanks Figgy , Riley

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My Reviews

When We Die: Haze

(over 5 years ago)

I want to be half as awesome as Dallas when I grow up. Read More »


(over 6 years ago)

WTF WAS THAT. HOLY CRAP I AM SO GLAD I READ THAT IN THE MORNING. I was planning on reading this right before I went to be like, eve... Read More »