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    Spirit Rising

    ATTENTION: This book, previously known as 'Failing Sun,' has undergone massive changes. O_O it's been up on Figment here for six years…

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    Excetera: Fourth Wall

    This is a story I started working on awhile back that I left in favor of my other story, heh... I would love to return to the idea one…

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  • Sisters
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    I'm Praying For You

    This is for you, Weesie.

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  • Grey rain
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    All Things Grey

    Just a short collection of rather dark songs/poems

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  • Crown
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    Synopsis for Failing Sun

    This is a SYNOPSIS for my novel, "Failing Sun." This book has been through many massive changes since its first creation nearly eleven…

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    Encouragment For My Fellow Writers

    As shown by the title, this will be a small writing giving out encouragment to any writer who is feeling down, suffering from Criticis…

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about 15 hours ago L U N A said:

Would you like to swap?


3 days ago Renee Soto said:

(.... Was it Wade or A.G.? I swear I'm not 95 I just have the brain of a 95 year-old and may have holes in my memory...)


3 days ago Renee Soto said:

Hey Wade!!

Yeah, I literally haven't been on here in so long I've forgotten almost everyone I used to chat with and I forgot people actually want to chat with me, so you're not the only one who went on hiatus for a /very/ long time.

And yes finally published though it's in dire need of editing and I honestly cringe every time it's mentioned, but hey I guess everyone is that way with their works. It's just a collection of some of the short stories and poems I wrote because Lord knows I cannot finish a novel. I'm taking a Creative Writing class this semester though so we'll see if I can convince my teacher to help me with that. I may try NaNoWriMo too, but I think I might die if I do that, work, go to school, AND keep up with all my hobbies and adult duties.... Oh well, one can dream, eh?

How have you been? I feel like Figment keeps people entangled for a good five years then finally releases them (or maybe that's how long it takes for all the teenagers on this site to grow up and get busy with their lives xD).

I'll hopefully be checking back soon, but we'll see.

Ciao for now,

~ RS

M&m kitty icon

5 days ago Mina Autumn said:

Okay thanks. I can't say when it'll be done, but it will be done sometime this week.

Wings of an eagle profile

6 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

No problem x)

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The Third Eye Series

(14 days ago)

Right of the bat, I must say - the lack of paragraphs can be a bit daunting for my poor old eyes... XD Sorry if it sounds a bit nit-picky... Read More »

Heroes Arisen #1: The Quest for Truth

(14 days ago)

Very interesting starting chapter, I must say! Jason/Jack seems a little calm for such a potentially panic-inducing situation, but if he'... Read More »