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  • Holding-hands
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    This is about something that means a lot to me, cuz I try to do that with my writing. Obviously not done yet, but so far I like it. L…

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  • Porcelain doll
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    Painted Doll

    Just a story I Not very exciting, but hopefully you'll enjoy.

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  • Leaf pic
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    I am a leaf

    Eh. I don't like poetry, but I wrote a poem anyway...

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  • Thunder
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    A story about what I fear the most.

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  • Gingersnap_cookies.ashx
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    Forgetfulness and Gingersnaps

    A story about a cooking guru who has to relearn her own trade after she wakes up from an amnesia-inducing coma. Enjoy!

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  • Attic
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    Mrs. Matthews' Attic

    Hey, this is just a short story that I've been mentally developing for some time. Excuse any mistakes, grammatical or the like. Thanks!

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Hatter's hat

over 4 years ago MCT said:

Hey there:) I wanted to know if you would be willing to swap with me:) If so could you please read Just Like You and heart if you think its worthy. I enjoy reviews at all times and I will do the same for you in return. Let me know what you want to swap within return if you wish:) Mady ps if I have already asked you please ignore and forgive my repetativeness


over 4 years ago Emily (Frowning) said:

I just entered my first contest!


over 4 years ago Lavender Lynette said:

Hello I was wondering if you'd like to swap? Please read my story "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and let me know on my WALL what you'd like me to read in return.

Thanks and if I have already asked, I apologize


over 4 years ago Katrina Summers said:

Hi, care to swap?

I entered the If You Find Me contest and I'd really like to be a finalist! Please read my story 'Different' and then post on my page what you'd like me to read!

Thanks sooo much!

Katrina Summers

P.S. Sorry if I've already been to you.


over 4 years ago Emily (Frowning) said:

Thank you bunches for your comment Syl bean :)

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My Reviews

The Purple Ranger

(almost 6 years ago)

OK, a couple things. First, this is pretty good. You use a lot of good descriptive words, and the flow is good. Pretty polished. Maybe y... Read More »

The Cost of Popularity

(over 6 years ago)

"Just" a story? Self-deprecating much? This is good. I would have liked a little more backstory about how she became popular, but it was... Read More »