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  • A sentimental ending
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    A Sentimental Ending

    Winner of the Summer Flash Fiction contest (somehow)! This story is about the last day before childhood ends and college begins. Our p…

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  • King of all cities cover
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    King of All Cities

    This is for a futuristic writing competition I entered earlier this year. My topic was megacities. I didn't win the contest, but here'…

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  • Green_sofa_view3
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    Shut Up and Stay Out

    For the First Impression contest! My goal as of now is 50 hearts, so please heart if you think it worthy of one! | Due to family probl…

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  • Bokeh
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    No Escape

    In the end of the episode "Blink," when Sally Sparrow rushed into the street to meet the Doctor, the Doctor was seen running into a bu…

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  • False
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    Beautiful Lies

    This is this rant about society and the flaws of humanity that I wrote once to vent. I'm not trying to be depressing. Oh, and I'm not …

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  • Dw
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    Doctor Who

    Do you watch Doctor Who? Well, you should.

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3 months ago Kelli Bettey said:

Care to join a Doctor who rp?

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3 months ago Kelli Bettey said:

Care to join a Doctor who rp?

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3 months ago Kelli Bettey said:

Care to join a Doctor who rp?


12 months ago Olivia Knight said:

Hey! Care to swap? If so, could you please read "I'm the Doctor"? I appreciate any feedback you have. And I'll read anything in return. :) Thanks a lot!


about 1 year ago Summer Carter said:

Well hello there you beautiful follower you! I am starting a new novel (I always seem to be starting a new novel!) It's called "A Beautiful Tragedy" and I'm looking for swaps to read what is written so far. I would love you advice, and a swap will be returned, of course. Anyways, thank you for continuing to follow this unknown writer.

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Behind the door

(over 1 year ago)

Hi! So I just read your comments on "No Escape" and totally agree with them...but I had to cut down on words for the contest. Anyway, I t... Read More »