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about 2 years ago Writer said:

Alena was born in Faeth to the queen and king of the magical kingdom. But with all the threats and enemies the queen and king had, they had to send Alena to another world for her protection. On Alena's 16th birthday, her birth parents disappear, along with her biological brother, and she is magically transported back to Faeth, being the next in line for the throne. Sadly, Alena happens to have a cousin, Lyric, who wants nothing but to destroy the beautiful and magical kingdom of Faeth. Can Alena stop her cousin, win over the heart of the guy she's falling for, and save her kingdom and biological family before it's all too late??


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Faeth--A Hidden World of Magic

Chocobo tales

over 2 years ago ♪♫ Alena said:

Also, what is Paine doing living on Cocoon/Gran Pulse? Hmm....

Chocobo tales

over 2 years ago ♪♫ Alena said:

Aww! I like Yuna! I really didn't at first, but she kinda grew on me. I like how blunt Paine is, though! And Rikku is the ball of sunshine that binds them together so well. :) It's nice to have someone to fangirl with every now and then. :)

Chocobo tales

over 2 years ago ♪♫ Alena said:

All we need is a Rikku! :) "RYP in position!"

Chocobo tales

over 2 years ago ♪♫ Alena said:

Not weird. :) I've missed our chats. It's always nice to find people with common interests out there. Keeps you from feeling lonely. :)

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