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    The Waiting

    (WIP) Lacey Why did this have to happen to my dad and how did it happen? My dad is excellent at driving a boat. The universe thro…

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  • Damned cover
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    (WIP) Camille Hate this. I just want to kill him. Damn Ashton. Why can't he just go away? Oh yeah, I have an arranged marriage. …

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  • Red_abstract
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    (WIP) ***Formally known as This Needs to End. Now called Conform. Please also note I will be editing the cover so it is updated with …

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    (WIP) *Has language and violence.* Zora I'm assassin and warrior. The anger and violent tendencies that I have do play a fact…

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    Climbing for Myself

    This is a metaphoric poem.

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    Losing Hope

    Kidnapped and being held prisoner is what happened and now she only has hope. Though that hope is fading.

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7 days ago Viviann Stark said:

Hey there would you like to swap with me?


9 days ago Saleena Nival said:

that's totally fine, take your time.


9 days ago Saleena Nival said:

Heyy. I've actually been a bit busy lately so I don't think I'd be able to complete the chapter for chapter swap. All you gotta do is just read my first chapter in return for my review of your second chapter of Damned and we'll be all even. Maybe in a few weeks, if my schedule clears a bit, we can resume the swap. Sorry, and thanks!


14 days ago Val said:

Hello there! Care to swap?


15 days ago wxnderlust said:

A story with adventure, relationships, and plenty of tests, The Flare focuses on twins Frederick and Francesca as they succumb to the ways of an underground lab, surrounded by others close to their age that are stuck down for the exact same reason as them: they will all be the future of Earth.

If you'd like to know more, check out the book by visiting my profile or clicking the image above! Only the prologue is up so far, but I would love some feedback.

Of course, since this is a swap request, I'd be happy to read something of yours that is around the same length in return.

I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your time. :)

▷ wxnderlust

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Love Thy Enemy

(3 days ago)

Chapter 1: So I am writing this as I read. Also these are just honest thoughts and suggestions. First, I want to say it was har... Read More »

cat and dani

(3 days ago)

So since this is very short so far, I won't break things down into chapters. First, I agree with A.R. KYRON about the Dani's POV. T... Read More »