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  • Bokeh
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    Whatever It Takes

    Jane's social anxiety is out of control and she decides to put an end to its' reign of terror. Winner of the "Molecules" contest.

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  • The_heart
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    Forever Young Love

    When you're in love, it's hard to let go.

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  • Stage
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    A Place Called Home

    The place I love to call home is open to everyone that wishes to enter.

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  • Snow
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    A teen goes to the cemetery of his younger brother, and is reminded of the winter that took him.

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  • Cover
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    I dream to be....a model

    This is a very true story, about my self-esteem issues, and how I've started to over come them. ***Cover made by Saga Kolbrun***

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  • Thirst for blood cover
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    Thirst for blood

    Celestria was born during the Middle Ages as vampire, doomed to walk the earth as a demon. No matter how much she feeds, she cannot c…

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Talk to me!


11 months ago Haley Kissell said:

Hi there! I'm Haley *waves* it seems like it's been awhile since anyone stopped by to say hello so I thought I would. Have a great day and I hope to maybe hear back from you.



almost 2 years ago B.K Taylor said:

Hello friendly follower!

I'm finally back from my two year hiatus and I bring a brand new story 'Ancient Flame' It would be wonderful if you check it out for me and what you thought of it. I am also happy to do swaps if you like Looking forward to hearing back from you!

B.K Taylor


over 2 years ago chessi maria said:

Thanks so much for reviewing my poem! I didn't actually post on your forum thread. I just saw it after 10 or so days had passed, and I was wondering if you'd moved on, or if you still wanted to swap. Thanks again and good luck in college!!


over 2 years ago chessi maria said:

Hi Gabrielle! I saw your forum post. I was from a week ago; would you still like to swap?I'm looking for opinions of 'Insecure'. Let me know!

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(over 2 years ago)

This is incredible! It has so much depth and emotion that I can understand and empathize with the narrator. Great work! One question... Read More »

Eric's Thing

(over 2 years ago)

I absolutely loved this Grant! This was very much like a real clip of someone's life, as if it was you and not Jeff that lived through i... Read More »