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  • Creepy-old-mansion
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    So....this turned out a little darker than I meant it to be. XD It WAS going to be about faeries who switched a little girl for a chan…

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  • Dreamwalker cover2
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    Dream Walker

    Elizabeth is an average teenage girl - and she has one foot in the world of dreams. But what happens when dreams can no longer be told…

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  • The performer cover
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    The Performer

    An American girl is kidnapped and brought to Russia, where she is forced to perform on stage - or lose her life. Will she ever make it…

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  • Hug
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    Big Brother

    WARNING: Depressing material ahead. Evie romances never end well. If you're wondering why the chapter numbers seem to be skipping, eac…

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  • Scythe
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    Courage in the Face of Fear

    What would YOU do if Hell stole the only thing worth living for? To be continued... Note: This is a new idea that I'm trying - basi…

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  • Ezra cover
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    (In Progress) I'm getting a slightly late start for NaNoWriMo, but I'll give it a try anyway! Comments and/or criticism are welcome,…

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about 1 year ago A.G. Wade said:

Yo! I know it's been awhile....actually, more than awhile, since I was even on Figment, but I've come to ask a huge favor.

A very, very close friend of mine is a budding writer, and I hope to encourage her and help her along as she travels this path that all of us on here know so well. If you could drop by and say 'hey' or better yet, give her a review or two, I would be deeply thankful!

Cheers, and thank you for being awesome!

~ A.G.


over 1 year ago Kira Martin said:

 photo cloverfiggy_zpsvpepek6p.jpg Hi Evie!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on Figment. I just wanted to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support and encouragement you gave me as a little fledgling writer by reading my stories and following my work. I’m not sure I would be at the stage I am now without you.

However, now I have branched out from Figment to other places. If you still wish to read my writing, or to support me as a writer, I’d like to invite you, if you use these social medias, to follow me either on my tumblr blog, kira’swriterthings , or on my Facebook page here. This way, I can better connect with you, and vis versa. Not only do I post my writing, but also writing tips and advice, if that appeals to you.

Most of what I am focusing on is the first in my fantasy series, Clover Raine and the Black Dragon, which is currently in the beta reader stage. I will be sharing my experiences as I work forward and publish, hopefully helping others in the process. I’m also in the planning stages for a writing vlog.

Thank you for everything! I wish on you a thousand good hair days.


about 3 years ago Joni Marie Girod said:

Untold is a group for novelists, poets, and writers of all kinds. Join the first annual wave of Untold for amazing contests, prizes, and more!

(I apologize if you don't like ads)


about 3 years ago Dennis Mawson said:

posted. :)


over 3 years ago Farin L. said:

Goodness, I'm sorry it took me so very long to reply! I don't go onto figment as often as I used to, you see. Anyway, my memory of Dream Walker tells me a down-to-earth character would certainly be great for offering balance and would probably fit well with the tone of the story. That's less so my personal preference [my memory is limited so I can't remember enough to offer a definite opinion]

In the end you should go with what YOU think is right [although I'm sure you're asking for advice since you are unsure, I get that]. After reading the comment Amenah left I can tell you I agree!

Good luck in your writing! I hope my late reply isn't too late - or that you've already found a solution, which if so is fabulous.

-Farin L.

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