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  • Designated cover
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    Designated (Capability, #2)

    *COMPLETE* Sequel to Capability </hr> <i>When you read history, they tell you the rebels were heroic, selfless. They don't tell you…

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  • Capability blonde hair
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    Capability [Preview]

    Preview of my novel Capability. </hr> 14-year-old Ami enters freshman year of high school knowing one thing for certain: She could b…

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  • Cropped
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    Not Just a K-Girl [Preview]

    Preview of my novel "Not Just a K-Girl". </hr> When Paris decides to go to the New Year’s Reunion party for the Oxfordshire Emerging…

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  • Lexluthor
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    The Legacy of Lex Luthor

    For Lena, hearing that she was biologically a Luthor hurt for more reasons than the family she'd come from. For Kara, it didn't really…

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  • Fractured
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    Fractured (A Doctor Who Fanfiction)

    The Clara Oswald who jumped into the Doctor's Time Stream wasn't the same one as the one who came out. (Or: when Clara comes out of th…

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  • Lisa
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    Not That Kind of Guy [Preview]

    Preview of my novella "Not That Kind of Guy". </hr> One year ago, pop superstar Tom Applewhite was vaulted to fame by writing an ang…

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Talk to me!


about 1 month ago Trail of Glitter said:

Hey just letting you know that Figment is moving to underlined: Just wanted to let you know!


8 months ago Trail of Glitter said:

That's awesome! A sale on a pretty dress is always good for us and the bank lol


8 months ago Trail of Glitter said:

Oh hey there! Yes, I'm planning to go to the University of Memphis for Engineering (it's in Tennessee), and I CANNOT WAIT to get out of school :P

Oooh prom? I didn't actually go to mine (for a few reasons), but that's cool! Have you picked an outfit yet?


8 months ago Trail of Glitter said:

Hi! We spoke a couple of months ago, and I am so sorry for getting back to you so late! I'm about to graduate from high school and you know how CRAZY things can get lol.

How have you been doing?


over 1 year ago Ofelia Cohen-Odiaga said:

*pokes gently* Hey love

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My Reviews

Capability [Preview]

(almost 3 years ago)

Kathryn's other comments: Hey! Sorry it took me so long to get all the way through, I've been pretty busy and reading it in bits and p... Read More »

In Search of Tomorrow ✓

(about 3 years ago)

So! Here are my comments :) Things I thought you did really well: - Pacing (I raced through this as you know! :D) - Making me li... Read More »