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  • Designated cover
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    Designated (Capability, #2)

    *COMPLETE* Sequel to Capability </hr> <i>When you read history, they tell you the rebels were heroic, selfless. They don't tell you…

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  • Capability blonde hair
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    Capability [Preview]

    Preview of my novel Capability. </hr> 14-year-old Ami enters freshman year of high school knowing one thing for certain: She could b…

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  • Cropped
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    Not Just a K-Girl [Preview]

    Preview of my novel "Not Just a K-Girl". </hr> When Paris decides to go to the New Year’s Reunion party for the Oxfordshire Emerging…

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  • Lexluthor
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    The Legacy of Lex Luthor

    For Lena, hearing that she was biologically a Luthor hurt for more reasons than the family she'd come from. For Kara, it didn't really…

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  • Fractured
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    Fractured (A Doctor Who Fanfiction)

    The Clara Oswald who jumped into the Doctor's Time Stream wasn't the same one as the one who came out. (Or: when Clara comes out of th…

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  • Lisa
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    Not That Kind of Guy [Preview]

    Preview of my novella "Not That Kind of Guy". </hr> One year ago, pop superstar Tom Applewhite was vaulted to fame by writing an ang…

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Talk to me!

Flower- peony

4 months ago None of Your Business said:

Hey, I just met you! And this is crazy... But my book is called Varvana's Gift. Swap with me maybe? Thanks so much!


5 months ago A.R. KYRON said:

(Sorry if you have already got this or if you don't like ads)

Greetings! It's Kyron here.

Are you a lover of fictions and poems? Awesome! We are looking for such great readers like you! Please check out our new Youtube channel called 'The Amazing Figment'

In this channel,we post cool stories and poems written by young aspiring authors and poets from a writer's community called 'figment' ( )

Here is the link to our channel:

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Thank you so much!


5 months ago Trail of Glitter said:

That's awesome! A sale on a pretty dress is always good for us and the bank lol


5 months ago Trail of Glitter said:

Oh hey there! Yes, I'm planning to go to the University of Memphis for Engineering (it's in Tennessee), and I CANNOT WAIT to get out of school :P

Oooh prom? I didn't actually go to mine (for a few reasons), but that's cool! Have you picked an outfit yet?


5 months ago Trail of Glitter said:

Hi! We spoke a couple of months ago, and I am so sorry for getting back to you so late! I'm about to graduate from high school and you know how CRAZY things can get lol.

How have you been doing?

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My Reviews

Capability [Preview]

(almost 3 years ago)

Kathryn's other comments: Hey! Sorry it took me so long to get all the way through, I've been pretty busy and reading it in bits and p... Read More »

In Search of Tomorrow ✓

(almost 3 years ago)

So! Here are my comments :) Things I thought you did really well: - Pacing (I raced through this as you know! :D) - Making me li... Read More »