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    Illena is a 104 year old shape shifter living among mankind. She is also the last of her kind. Hunters are after her and it is up to h…

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    The Hardest Thing

    A Poem about the hardest thing.

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about 4 years ago Aurora Zimmerman said:

Thanks for reading Have you seen my heart:) Hope you are having a great day.

Its okay to be happy with a calm life what lauren did today cruelty free lifestyle blog uk

about 4 years ago Lauren Luna said:

Thank you for the lovely comment! :)


about 4 years ago Carlos Ordaz said:

Hello my name is Carlos Ordaz and like many of you I'm an aspiring author. Writing is my passion and I'm sacrificing time from college to pursue my dreams. It would mean a lot to me if you could swap with me. Just read anything on my page that interests you and I'll gladly return the favor. I would also appreciate it if you follow me but only if you think I deserve it after reading my work. Thank you for your time and support it means a lot. I'm just another aspiring author attempting to build a fan base

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almost 5 years ago Precious said:

Would you mind taking a look at my group, Haters. We don't really hate but it's more of a just-for-fun group. Here's the link: And if you have any books that you really want to be truthfully critiqued then bring them because we do that too and we are going to be having awesome discussions.


almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hi, would you be willing to read my story It's Not Okay? I am trying to reach a goal of 1,000 hearts. If you don't do free reads then comment on my profile and I would love to swap. Thanks!

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