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    My Fault.

    When Nicole's boyfriend of two years suddenly passes away, Nicole cant help but feel it was all her fault. But when Nicole is able to …

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    Promise me.

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about 4 years ago Shayymin said:

Hello there, and I am so sorry.

Awhile ago, I may have asked you to read a story called Perfect, and I didn't get back to you because I became inactive due to some stuff in my life.

Anyway, I am sure you would like me to read something of yours, and I'll be happy to complete the swap.

Thanks, and so sorry! :3


over 4 years ago Brooke Norris said:

"Jua Jaio is only seven when her Chinese village is raided because of missionary presence. However, her grandmother tells her a secret that will never be taken away..." Hey! My name is Brooke Norris and I am in the James Patterson contest. I got a late start and would really appreciate some help! :-) Please read/heart "Only Love will Remain." I am willing to swap, but you have to catch me under the right time and circumstances (I'm only open to equal swaps and currently accepting four swap requests a day). If you thought the summary (above) was interesting, please give it a read and tell at least one follower! Thanks and have a blessed day! :-)


almost 5 years ago Shelby Sullivan said:

Hey Shelby here! If you would like me to read a story and tell you want I think/heart etc. Read my story "When Sparks Fly" and Leave a comment with what book you want me to read.

Have a great day! ^.^

Befunky_pis i like

almost 5 years ago Analisa Wintres said:

Hi, I’m Ana. Would you please read Love Filled Scream. (2 min long) I know you don’t like to be spammed with swappers but please make an exception. It’s for the Kiss Contest and I could really use the prize money. I would love free reads but I’m willing to do swaps. Just Post them on my wall. Thanks and have a wonderful day/night. Sorry if you got this twice or if you don’t do swaps. It’s worth a try though.


almost 5 years ago Daniela Bourlotos said:

Hey there! I just finished writing a story called TORN. It's for the James Patterson contest. I would greatly appreciate if you could heart/comment/review(if deserving) it. In return, I will gladly look at anything you want me to, so long as it is on or around the same length.

**If you don't like swaps or if I've already asked you, then I am really sorry!"

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My Love Locket.

(about 5 years ago)

Wowwww... I felt bad for Rose, seeing as her one true love died... And then her not even knowing he was still pretty much there with her,... Read More »