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over 4 years ago Ala said:

Swap? Please read "The Parallel War" I'll return the favor :)

ps Sorry if I've already posted this!


over 4 years ago Erin Burr said:

Swap? I'd love it if you'd read "Sociology" and heart if deserved. Then just comment and tell me what you want me to read. Thanks!


over 4 years ago Brooke Norris said:

"Jua Jaio is only seven when her Chinese village is raided because of missionary presence. However, her grandmother tells her a secret that will never be taken away..." Hey! My name is Brooke Norris and I am in the James Patterson contest. I got a late start and would really appreciate some help! :-) Please read/heart "Only Love will Remain." I am willing to swap, but you have to catch me under the right time and circumstances (I'm only open to equal swaps and currently accepting four swap requests a day). If you thought the summary (above) was interesting, please give it a read and tell at least one follower! Thanks and have a blessed day! :-)


over 4 years ago Shelby Sullivan said:

Hey Shelby here! If you would like me to read a story and tell you want I think/heart etc. Read my story "When Sparks Fly" and Leave a comment with what book you want me to read. Have a great day! ^.^


almost 5 years ago Jennifer said:

I've read and hearted your poem, The Last of the Greats. Can you please read my poem, The Power of Words. Thanks!

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