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Drawing 9 out of 14

about 4 years ago Animal's Heart said:

Thank you! That will help me very much, indeed. And I do believe you are correct on many points. "Yellow" is an emotional person I believe, and I don't always know what's going through her head. Your advice is very helpful, and I'll look at the other's advice (if they reply, that is) as well. Yellow has been quite sentimental after leaving Black River and open-enrolling to our new school. Then again, I quite miss the people there. Your comment is very much appreciated!

Drawing 9 out of 14

about 4 years ago Animal's Heart said:


Alright, I know this is somewhat out of the blue, but I need HELP! No, not that way, but I've got some deep stuff going on right now. Can you please check out "The Rant of Flowers and Happiness"? It explains my entire situation in there and it's where I'll be heading for advice! Once again, I'm sorry for how this sounds so... well, like a swap, but I'm in need right now. All I need is emotional advice.

Link: http://figment.com/books/715967-The-Rant-of-Flowers-and-Happiness

It should be at the very top of my home page, and it's only 11 minutes long. Maybe 1-5 minutes to type a response!


almost 5 years ago Afsfaith said:

Evil Cackling

I am Hussie. It is me.

Wait until I introduce more characters MWHAHAHAHAH


almost 5 years ago Afsfaith said:


See, what I'm trying to do is have, with all my characters, equal shipping feels with the others. My plan is to get you guys to all ship something different, and have conflicted shipping feels. MWAHAHAHAHAHHAA

I am turning into quite the Andrew Hussie of Figment.


almost 5 years ago Afsfaith said:

I'm working on it right now gurl

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