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    True story. It's when I got in a car accident with my brother last July. For the Unremember contest, because I truly wish I could u…

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    Fading (extended version)

    BEAUTIFUL COVER by E.A.C :) SHE MAKES AMAZING COVERS, PEOPLE! xD Note: I don't wanna get rid of the other version, because of the ama…

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    Fading (contest version)

    <<<<READ THE EXTENDED VERSION!>>>> **For the James Patterson "The Kiss" short story contest about a love no one approves of** Yeah…

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    The Eyes

    This is my first attempt at the whole daily themes thing, so don't judge too much, please... :)

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    Never Too Late

    Unlike most of the other poems I write, this isn't based on personal experiences. The idea for this actually just randomly came to me,…

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    This was originally titled "Broken" and so the first poem in this IS Broken. However, I wanted to post my other poems, and didn't want…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago EbonyBird said:

Hey! Longtime no talk, how is your book coming? University is killer, I've barely written at all outside of school work. But with summer now I've already started- I think I'm going to work on smaller things for the time being, but it's nice to have the time to write again:)How about you?


almost 3 years ago Emily Cates said:

Hey thanks so much for getting around to reviewing my story. It was nice for some more feedback!


about 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

Could you please heart my story? (it's only 750 words) I will comment and heart any story of yours up to 2,000 words! Please help me by hearting it!

Photo on 9-9-13 at 2.36 pm

about 3 years ago Vanessa Ford said:

Hey everyone, in case you didn't read my bio, I'm always open to reading your things :) just ask, and I'll get to it when I have time


over 3 years ago Emily Cates said:

Hey no problem! I actually haven't been on figment that much lately, but I would love if you could take a look at "There Can Only Be" just as much as you want. It's definitely a work in progress and I'm still going back and editing but any thoughts on the overall plot and general ideas of the dystopic world that I created would be great. Thanks so much! Good luck in college :)

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My Reviews

There Can Only Be

(almost 3 years ago)

Hey, sorry i'm just now getting around to reading this. I've been super busy. Anyways, this won't be extremely in depth, but I do have a ... Read More »

Kaebora's Tale

(over 4 years ago)

SWAP REVIEW: A CITY OF TEN TAILS Chapter 1: I would suggest getting rid of the chp. 1 Kaebora, since you already said that in the c... Read More »