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    Hot & Cold

    Mackenzie Wright just moved from Georgia, all the way to Pennsylvania, leaving behind her hot boyfriend, her best friends, and her pop…

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    Capture This

    Siren Woods has been through heart breaks all throughout her high school experience. She just always seemed to choose the wrong guy. B…

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  • Twyg
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    That's What You Get

    Taylor: A free spirited girl who just loves to dance and do art.She'd kill to get into the school of her dreams: Juilliard. Trevor: T…

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  • N
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    Unlike Me

    Silver Laney is semi-popular and pretty. She's middle class, gets good grades, has good friends, and goes out with the second most hot…

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  • Let's pretend it never happened
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    Let's Pretend It Never Happened

    Tanner Blackburn. I guess you could say every teen goes crazy whenever they hear that name. Every teen except of course his best frien…

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  • Sunset blvd
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    Sunset Blvd.

    Audrey Laney has what it takes to be popular. She's rich, pretty and funny but the people at her school don't see that. Audrey would …

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about 3 years ago julia isabelle said:

Just click and check it out!


over 3 years ago Nicole. H said:

Hi Kendall! Would you like to swap with me? If so please message me what you like me to read.


over 3 years ago Heidi Benitez said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? Will you read The Roller Coaster Ride Called Life..?


over 3 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

Oh hi there! :) No worries. Honestly, I've rearranged a few things and changed things in the beginning, so you'll probably have to start again close to the beginning...You could start at "That's Blue, Not Navy"...It wouldn't make sense to you if you waited until the exact chapter you left off at, because there have been some plots. Or you could start at the beginning if you wanted to, but you'll understand if you start at the chapter I indicated. Sorry for the confusion! I'm glad you're sticking with it though as opposed to just dropping off the map :)

Serious fish

over 3 years ago K.Leah Lotus (*~Kim~*) said:

Happy Tuesday! Swap?

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My Reviews

We Are Sane

(about 4 years ago)

Okay, I'm gonna be honest here. The second I began reading, I was already disinterested. Don't get me wrong, you have AMAZING writing ski... Read More »

Short Stories

(about 4 years ago)

This was very good and thrilling. I liked the first one the most, the second didn't seem much like a short story, it seemed more like a p... Read More »