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over 4 years ago Veleka Georgieva said:

Hey, dear figgie! I would like to invite you to my new Figment group Inspiration 101.

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over 4 years ago ‚ô•Felicia K. said:

Hello everyone! Today is the one year anniversary for Exciting Contests. To celebrate one, outstanding year, we have a few things for you guys! We will be hosting another Moderator test, but this time it's better. Instead of one or two moderators, we will be promoting SIX. Six new moderators! Along with that, we will be having a group contest. Come down to the group to check it out! Again, thanks for an amazing year of the group.

With Love,

The mods and admins at Exciting Contests


over 4 years ago IReadToEscapeReality<3 said:


I've just recently entered the Ink Haiku contest and was wondering if you would read my entry "Society creates Solitude" please only heart if you generally feel like it is deserving of one, in return I will happily read anything which isn't too long of yours!

Keep Writing, IReadToEscapeReality


over 4 years ago A girl named Liz said:

OK, so a copy and paste message is when some person clicks *leave a comment* then clicks *paste* in the little box and magically the paragraph of promotion appears! And every time this happens, I roll my eyes. I am serious. This. is a copy and paste message. Yes I am doing what annoys me to everyone else. Part of Fanfic contest- my book, Siege, happens to be only 240 seconds of your clock to read! *this is NOT a SWAP offer* The contest is a STINKING HEART BASED CONTEST! ALL I WANT IS HEARTS! My goal is 200 hearts before the 10th of July! Thank you very much, love your graciousness Copy link:


over 4 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hey wanna swap? if so please read and heart my novel "Grim".

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