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    Death's Love

    My inspiration for this story was from The Book Thief but trust me it isn't anything like it. Anyway.... Kaily is an ordinary girl wi…

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    Star Struck

    Kailyn is just an average teenage girl with an average family. There's just one thing. Her family's best friends just so happen to be …

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    Famous Love

    This is the sequel to Star Struck. Hayden, Kailyn, Eric, Haley, and Alec are back in this story and soon leaving for tour. What drama …

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    November Writing Month - Calli is a teenager from a different world. Her father always has kept her locked up and away from 'earth'. F…

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    This is one of my favorite stories I've written. I hope you guys like it as much as I do. I'm hoping to get 100 hearts!!!! So don't be…

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    Someday When I Stop Loving You

    ****Finished This is a story I randomly wrote that's taken from "Someday when I stop Loving You" by Carrie Underwood, and a reference …

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Milan london

about 3 years ago mena london said:

Want A Cover


over 3 years ago Kai McCarthy said:

I rewrote the beginning of Wild Rage

Milan london

over 3 years ago mena london said:



over 3 years ago Danielle Harmony said:

I went and uploaded Chapter 4 again. Hopefully it works this time. Just let me know if you have any other problems.


over 3 years ago Alec Snow said:

Swap? If so, "Muse Academy" please. (Note: I know it's getting a bit longer, so if you can't read the whole thing, check out chapter one. It's not problem.) Thank you :)

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Not Your Cinderella

(over 3 years ago)

Im not sure when the story is due or what the guidelines are, but if you have time I would suggest explaining what happens to her because... Read More »

the wrong guy

(over 3 years ago)

I like the idea a lot but your development could use some work. It's really confusing in the beginning and REALLY choppy. Plus you should... Read More »