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  • Soulless
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    Because I'd Rather be Dead

    ****CLARIFICATION****IN THE SECOND HALF (THE POEM) "YOU" IS THE PERSON SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH* The daughter of a warlord has found love…

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  • I miss you 2
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    I Miss You, I Miss Us </3

    Are we still us? ....... If not was it me or you?

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  • Freya
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    *PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING* I don't want this to seem like I only wrote this to look good because I didn't, I wrote this poem for my l…

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  • Break
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    I would just like to start out by saying that this piece is meant to be a bit confusing. I want it to seem like a missing piece and en…

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  • Tree
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    My name is Macey, and I'll be dead by the time you read this because in the short amount of time it takes to send a message the bul…

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  • Carved heart
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    A Fleeting Moment of Hope

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Talk to me!


over 4 years ago Josephine said:

Hey Emma, Sorry for your loss. If you don't have time to read my poem 'A House Made of China'. I understand. Thanks for your time.


over 4 years ago Purple Nurple said:



over 4 years ago Pensive Scribe said:

Hey there :) I just wrote a brand new story, and, guess what, I want to share it with you! Cool, right? Wait, it's not? I think you'd better read it first...Called "What Side?" Please to take a look at my story? Here's an excerpt below:

““Don’t do this, Daniel!” I exclaimed, pleading as I dove away from Daniel’s inflamed sword. Why had Daniel switched sides? His luminous hazel eyes glowed against the mad background of fighting dragon riders. It was hard to believe those were the same eyes which had supported me. Comforted me. Befriended me. I choked back a sob. “You’re going down the wrong path!” “You don’t understand, Phoebe . We are in the middle of a war right now! There is no wrong path! This is a hunt and be hunted game..." "

Interested? Check it out :) THIS IS FOR THE WHAT IF? CONTEST AND I NEED HEARTS! I'm willing to swap, so if you want to, just post what you'd like me to read in return on my wall. I WILL get back to you a soon as possible. Thank you ahead of time, especially if you've actually read this far :) If you're not interested, then I must apologize for taking up your valuable time.

~The Pensive Scribe


over 4 years ago Ash S.H. said:

The Iron Heart

So here’s the deal. I have a contest entry. I wanna get read by my favorite author. It’s also *almost* my birthday. Oh yes. May 8. That’s during voting period. That’s also Katniss’ birthday. I would SO appreciate a free read. But, if you don’t do that type of thing, I’d be happy to swap. Could you please read and heart (if it is deserving) “The Iron Heart”? I will love you forever! Seriously. If I get read by Maggie Stiefvater… I mean, I don’t even have to WIN. Just… GAHHH that would be such an honor. Anyway. Please? Pretty, pretty please? I’m sorry if you don’t do this kind of thing… but I would really, really appreciate it. Seriously. Thank you SO much for your time!


almost 5 years ago Jessica Tayler said:

Swap? Would you mind reading what I have so far on "Modern Cinderella"? I only have the intro and first two chapters done and would like some hearts and feedback on it. It's only 10 minutes right now! When done just comment on my wall what you want me to read and I will! Thanks

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The Eyes and Their Colors

(almost 5 years ago)

I agree with some of the last reviewers, it seems a bit confusing because of your word choices, and a few of the other reason noted. Read More »


(about 5 years ago)

First of all, in the discription you wrote "spit" personalities and I think you were aiming for "split" personalities. The firs... Read More »