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  • Braid-brown-brown-eyes-brunette-chocolate-favim.com-155826 copy
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    Fifty years after Harry Potter destroyed Lord Voldemort, the biggest threat of the wizarding world, there was finally peace. Erela Har…

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  • Lung cancer
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    Lung Cancer

    An idea of Emily's death that came to mind. It isn't the original way she was going to die in the Unholy Love series, but I thought I …

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  • Cover
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    A short of my characters, Emily and Liam's, proposal.

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  • Hunger games
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    **COMPLETE** Emily Horwitz (Also a character from the Unholy Love series) is a tribute for District 8 and has been reaped to participa…

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  • D-3
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    Unholy Love

    **COMPLETE** Liam is a demon who has been hiding in the mortal world for many centuries living among the mortals and envying their …

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  • Holy love cover
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    Holy Love

    Second book to "Unholy Love." For the readers who have read the book, the first chapter takes place a week after chapter 40 of the book

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Talk to me!


about 4 years ago loveena said:

Hey there, I missed chatting with you, I noticed all your stories are novels and I think it's time for you to meet Wattpad, trust me people there would love your stories. All the best, Loveena

And If you do get wattpad, remember to tell me, I'd love reading all of your stories there :)


about 4 years ago Jennifer Mobley said:

Hello again Taurie Marshall :) I just wanted to let you know that I am trying to start the Hunger Games Role play back up to kind of early celebrate Catching Fire. Hope to see you there!



over 4 years ago Karkalicious Queen said:

Welcome to the 50th Annual Hunger Games, where Panem demonstrates the smooth machine that the Capitol operates.

Two tributes, a boy and a girl, are picked from each of the twelve prospering districts.

These tributes will fight to the death.

The winner of the glorious Hunger Games will earn monthly gifts for its district.

That is, until it's time for the next Hunger Games.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Yes, this is a Roleplay. Create a tribute and fight to the death.



over 4 years ago T.Kristen said:

*Silvian chuckled and stood up, a dark smirk on his face. "Well then, citizens," he started once the female for Thirteen walked off. Finally. Freaking finally they got to the good stuff. "I'm sure you have all been eagerly awaiting the day our new batch of tributes are sent off to probably our best arena yet . . . " His voice rung out enticingly, trapping every person in the crowd in a trance. "The day will come in a few hours, when the tributes are sent off to the arena in the morning."*

The training and interview stages have finished and we plan to start the Games in a day or two, so if you plan on joining, please comment in the "Interviews" discussion in the "Hunger Games Roleplay" group!


over 4 years ago Andrea Schweitzer said:

hey u should write a book about harmony and Michael getting togther

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