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  • The quiet falls
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    The Quiet Falls

    <b>© 2017 Rebekah Fowler</b><br><br>☆╮WIP╰☆╮<br><br> Morgan Faust swore never to return to her suffocating hometown, but here she is, …

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  • Yuss
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    Finding Erica

    <b>© 2016 Rebekah Fowler</b><br><br>╰☆╮ON HOLD╰☆╮<br><br>Erica's life has turned on its head, but she can't figure out why.<br><br><em…

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  • Cherry blossoms
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    Cherry Blossoms

    <b> © 2015 Rebekah Fowler</b><br><br> ╰☆╮WIP╰☆╮<br><br>Meaningless poems. Long-forgotten contest entries. Those odd little short st…

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  • The golden silence
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    The Golden Silence

    <b> © 2016 Rebekah Fowler</b><br><br>⚐ ON HOLD ⚐<BR><BR>Déjà vu. Broken clocks. Seeing the future. Missing pies.<br><br>It's 2012 in G…

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2 days ago Hannan said:

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about 1 month ago sawyer said:

no twitter but I have tumblr Instagram and vent


2 months ago M. Prince said:

Hey! I'm really sorry to leave you last message hanging from like four months ago; honestly I just haven't been on Figment since then and completely forgot. You probably already know that Figment is being shut down :( but I'm here because even though it's been a long time since I've been active on Figment, I still very clearly remember you and consociate and your writing (not so much specifics, just that I enjoyed it very much and you never failed to impress me). If you decide to migrate to a different website, please let me know where to and what your username is! I don't want to lose track of you and your writing :)


6 months ago Dahni said:

Omg!!! I just saw this ahhhh and yes, I am! What state are you going to uni in?? And yep, the new chapters are out!!! :D So feel free to check the only one that's out so far LOL, I'll update with the next new chapter soon! But YES, please please PLEASE give me your feedback on Akihiko's chapter!! I'm so excited to hear what you've got to say about it since it's ages since I've actually written a chapter.

Anything I should give a look over on your page?? :D


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Hey Shawnice! I saw your post in the forums and I’m here to leave you a review. If you would like to return the favor, please read/review... Read More »

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