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  • Upon a darker shore saddie
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    Upon a Darker Shore

    *A novel* Sadie Tyler does not know what being a Doomsday Child means until the shape of a d is being carved into her left hand one d…

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  • Fireflies amelia
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    Fireflies (Invincible)

    "The stories about the heroines that were rebellious, strong willed and had good hearts. I made myself a character in her book, but no…

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  • Image
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    "My father's forehead is scarred..." Based on the award winning essay "father" by Jan Gray. Cover by Daughter of the Sea *Natash…

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  • Image1 (1)
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    The Study of Life

    They went ahead to college to study in business, but I went for the study of life. *Placed in the Family Expectations Contest*

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2 months ago Meg Hobler said:

Hey I'm Meg! I've just recently started a project entitled All of My Broken Pieces. It is definitely a work in progress and it is my first attempt at what I hope resembles poetry, but then again i'm not really sure. I am really looking for some feedback! According to figment it takes about a minute and a half to read and there are about 12 or so short poems separated by "chapters" and I would love to hear your thoughts! If a swap is more your style I'd love to do that too! Thank you so much! Meg


2 months ago Jhalon Foster said:

Hey Brianna I saw your request on the forums and my short story "Fading Colours" could perhaps use editing if you're up for it.

It is on here and is a short story I did for a competition so it has a word limit.


3 months ago Haley Kissell said:

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7 months ago AnnaBanana said:

Hi! Are you stuck on a story? Want more hearts? Comments? Reviews? Do you want a faster way to make your stories go viral? Or just need General Creative Advice? DO YOU WANT FUUUN CONTESTS? Well, if you fit any of those groups, you're in luck. Join Creative Advice! Creative Advice is a group to read,comment,review, and heart eachother's stories. The more people we have, the higher chance of YOUR stories becoming viral. We Also have super super super fun contests. So what are you waiting for? Join Creative Advise!

For More Info, visit the Creative Advice! Figment website or contact Mystical

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2 Years After

(over 1 year ago)

Well, I lied. I ended up reading this right away haha. It's so so so so good. I clicked the arrow to bring me to chapter three and I was ... Read More »

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Goblins

(over 1 year ago)

First off let me say that this was really well written. I loved how polished it was- it's so hard for me to read work that is. Right off ... Read More »