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    Lonely Redemption

    Thalia is a Chosen, and she is the youngest one to ever set foot on the Mountain top. She does not know why the great Fire has chosen …

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    The Possibility of Letting Go

    NOVEL IN PROGRESS: Elliot finds herself in a world she had always believed to be a fairy tale. When she comes face to face with an unu…

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  • Laurengreenthecurecover
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    The Cure

    *2nd draft has begun* A star next to a chapter title means that chapter is part of the second draft. COMPLETE NOVEL: Adler knows s…

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    Black and White Academy

    NOVEL IN PROGRESS: Two academies, the Black and White, have never agreed on the practices of magic. While one devotes to the lighter m…

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    Silence Forgotten

    NOVEL IN PROGRESS: In the small town of LookingGlass, the name of Tuville is synonymous with insane. Irene is a sixteen year old junio…

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  • Laurengreentheravengirl
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    The Raven Girl

    NOVEL IN PROGRESS: Violet Ainsley is a miserable orphan. She goes from place to place, never staying long because of her foul temper a…

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over 3 years ago Wisteria Birch said:

Hello again! Long time, no....talk, I guess?

So, not trying to be a bother, I'm just wondering if you were thinking of continuing and/or finishing Black and White Academy? I know you're probably busy with, you know, life, but, if it means anything, I think that story is great! I was always so excited to see you updated it or added anew chapter. Honestly, I got excited and Enthralled with it like I would with a real, published book. You are a fantastic writer, and that story--incredible!

I wish you the best of luck in writing! And with anything you're dealing with right now! Don't forget you're amazing! Hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend (and honest fan), Wisteria


about 4 years ago J.A.D. Lumanta said:

Hi there. This is Jessica (formerly Miss Jess, if you remember me).

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve recently published a book entitled:


A preview is available now on my Figment page. I would really appreciate your feedback on my newest novel.

If you are interested, you can also purchase it on Amazon.com.

Thanks a bunch!!! :)))))


about 4 years ago Keith Surratt said:

Hey there citizen of figment! I'm lance the reporter. I created this group where we talk about what the biggest stuff around figment is.

We put it into a newspaper and comment it on peoples profiles. We try to get interviews from verified authors and spread the word.

You are offered to join the group but you have to get news from people and find out whats going on.

If you see anything big just use this http://figment.com/groups/23829-The-Figment-Newspaper-


about 4 years ago Hazel Gatoya said:

Hello, I was wondering if you would read my entry for the Dear John contest: Forever Farewell. I have read Lonely Redemption for you, therefore following your swap rules. Thanks in advance!

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(almost 5 years ago)

In case you didn't get the request I left on your other page... Title: The Cure Author: Lauren Green Summary: Adler has a grim a... Read More »

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(almost 5 years ago)

Title: The Cure Want your name: Yes, pretty please!!! What is it about: It is about a girl named Adler who lives in a town called A... Read More »