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    After Sunset Hours

    Love can have restrictions. For Jennifer, it's the sunset hours. She cannot escape what happens them, she can only keep the secret fro…

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    My Story

    THIS IS TRUE! No matter what you tell your self, this did happen. Trust me, for I trust you.

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  • Princess warroir
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    Avem speranta

    "We have hope. What else matters? We will live through these tough times. As long as we have hope that the future will brighted, we li…

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    Demons: Rise of the dead kingdom

    I am co-author of this series. Christian R. is the master mind to this series. Zack Clade was a normal teenage boy who got into tro…

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  • Loving sky
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    Heaven is for People With Wings

    Ariana just wanted a simple life. But she knows that will never happen. Rikki was a young gardian angel who doesn't really listen to d…

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    Two Lips in the Dark

    I made this for my grandmother. One of her favorite rhymes goes like this: Tulips in my garden, Tulips in the park, But the best …

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almost 3 years ago Aura Ryver VVolf said:

Notice! This account will be deleted within the next 30 days. Please go follow my new account, J. Rose Oakley. Thank you so very much for the support! ~Kirana Rose


almost 4 years ago Q. Lure said:

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about 4 years ago Christy said:

hola sarah me encanta hablar español! y me encanta saber que no se puede entender esto! refrigerador


about 4 years ago Lea said:

Please join this group!


or this group even!


Maybe even this one?


think about all three and then choose the one for you, maybe all three of them :D


about 4 years ago theDancer said:

Hi I got a figment- its emma

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My Reviews

Sun Drop

(over 4 years ago)

I love how you used much emotion on this piece. Keep on writing! Read More »

The Beautiful Between

(over 4 years ago)

This was an interesting story. I love how you started off by comparing the real life to a fantasy tale. The characters dialog drew up the... Read More »