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    Every life they meet. They fall in love. One of them kills the other. That is their curse. This is the end of one of their many inca…

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    Alexis finds herself in one of her dreams but this time it's real. He wants her and she can't wake up to escape this time.

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    So Lisette wakes up in a giant bird cage. Hmm... *there is some swearing*

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over 2 years ago Kevin Vaudano said:

Hi there, care to swap?:) If so read please "Too Numb to Fell" and show something back

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over 3 years ago Tonya Royston said:

Hi! I'm trying something a little different. For a swap, instead of reading one of my stories, I'd really appreciate it if you'd check out and like the Facebook page. In return, I'll read one of your stories and leave you a comment. Just let me know what you'd like me to read. Hope to hear from you soon!


over 4 years ago Hailey Calvert said:

Would you be willing to do a heart swap? If so, please heart my short-story "Bound" and post what you would like hearted in return on my wall! Thank you!

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over 4 years ago Laura Muse said:

Thank you so much for your heart and reactions to my story Synonymous With Death, Laura! I really appreciate your support. Would it be too much to ask for a little bit of feedback about why you chose to read my piece and what compelled you to enjoy it so thoroughly? If not, that's totally fine - I just always ask. Thanks again!

Aspiring author

over 4 years ago Destiny Renee said:

Does music inspire you? Are your writings often inspired by your favorite songs? Do you love music? Well then Song Inspired is for you! Daily Contests will be put up with songs for you to be inspired by any way you like! If this interets you, here's the link:

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