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over 4 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

Hello there, I was wondering if you would be interested in a swap. I just published my new short story "First Impressions are Black and White" Please heart only if you feel deserved and any constructive criticism you may have is greatly appreciated!

Just post on my wall what you would like read in return and thank you so much!


over 4 years ago J.J. Alim said:

Hey there! Will you help me out? I wrote “Caught in the Crossfire”, “More than Words Can Ever Say” and “Symbionts” for different heart-based contests and I’m desperate for hearts. Would greatly appreciate hearts for all three but if you’re not up for free hearts/reads, I’m sorry for this post. Thanks for your time. ~J.J.


over 4 years ago Dreaming On said:

Sure, Julie! In return please read my two poems, (don't worry, they're short).

Mxm forevs

over 4 years ago Hilary said:

Swap? I have a story called Kaput for my first contest ever, and I want some good feedback and possibly hearts.


over 4 years ago Keayva Mitchell said:

Hello! Keayva here - I was hoping yuu could take the time to read my new story Dial Me Up. I entered it into the Dare You To contest, but I'm really looking for crowd reaction (to see if I should expand it), so I'd love to know what yuu think. As always, if you'd like to swap, I have no problem with that - just let me know on my profile page. Thanks! =]

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