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  • 102112_meteorshower_0110-untitled
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    The Savior

    Just a poem. Nothing more.

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  • The first of lena
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    The First of Lena

    So this is the prequel to 'The Last of Lena'. It's the story of how Lena and Erik met, and who knows, maybe these are only the first i…

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    The Last of Lena

    So after being away for the whole summer I give you this! Something I wrote a while ago, and pulled out of the vault for your viewing …

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  • 11294535_10206729244412331_804886766_o
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    Of The Sky

    The story that I promised. Enjoy!

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  • 11051598_10205953899629196_877328192_n
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    The Watcher in Silence

    Just another little poem for ya'll. Enjoy lovelies!

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  • 10846572_10205262995557026_98405061_n
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    Distant Heart

    So I was listening to Adele last night, and this just kind of happened. Enjoy! :)

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3 months ago yuti said:

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3 months ago Ellie said:

Hello! Are you interested in a swap? If so, please read one chapter of one of the following novels and I will read anything of the same length in return!


4 months ago Moses Lingle said:

Hi Catherine! I notice it's been quite some time since we swapped. I have a new story called "A Four-Letter Word" and was wondering if you would be interested in reading it for another swap. You don't have to read the whole thing (it's a WIP, seven chapters). Just as much as you like and I will read the same in return of anything you wish. Also if you could please critique it, thanks! Post on my profile if you're interested.


about 1 year ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:

The last Eldrazi Titan, Emrakul, has arrived on the plane of Innistrad. Innistrad, is where Vampires, Werewolves, humans, Angels, Demons, and many other species share their home. Liliana is the last hope for Innistrad. In the mist of the horror Liliana, Tamiyo, and another planeswalker called Savage are the only hope, the three must stand together to defeat Emrakul, the Promised End.


about 1 year ago Cait Cher said:

Hi there, friend! Are you interested in swapping? I'm not looking for anything except for what I could improve on my story. I'll read anything that you want me to as long as we complete both of our ends of the deal.

Here's the link:

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Lane Boy

(over 1 year ago)

So as a fan of Twenty One Pilots I sat and listened to their music while reading this, and found it quite enjoyable. Anyway, getting o... Read More »

Remedium: The Binary Tells

(over 1 year ago)

I read the prologue and the first chapter, and while I like the premise, there's a lot missing. In the prologue, since the person the ... Read More »