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  • S-j notre dame2 copy
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    At 19, Antoine-Louis de Saint-Just was a criminal. At 25, he was a deputy. At 26, he was the most feared Revolutionary in Paris. Th…

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  • Marlowe2figment
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    London, 1593.

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  • Sunset
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    The Secretary

    London, 1597.

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  • Mercenary2 copy
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    The Mercenary

    "The Secretary" started off as one book but became so sprawling that I had to turn it into two... "JACK THE GOAT'S HAD BABIES" THE MU…

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  • Judgement copy
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    The Judgement of Paris

    "You will see, Paris," says the goddess. "There is no greater joy than love."

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  • 16 tite copy
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    16 Tite

    Fact: Toulouse-Lautrec painted Oscar Wilde the night before Wilde went on trial. Warning: absinthe consumed. DON'T DO ABSINTHE.

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8 months ago Paige Johnson said:

Very good points. Yes, there's almost too much to keep up w/. Yes, I'' very familiar with Milo. Haha, not a neo Nazi. Too Jewish and in love with black men for that. I was thinking about having a professional provocateur like him as a character but I think I'll stick to someone quieter, someone easier to pin down.


8 months ago Paige Johnson said:

I'm flattered you'd think of me. Did you have a particular story in mind? Perhaps I'm writing more about how dishonest or surface level the media is, but that's of course nothing new and wouldn't be new in any country or time period.

I'm becoming increasingly interested in having a Neo Nazi secondary character, but thinking I should save it for a new book much farther down the road. When I'm sure that direction suits the character I have in mind and can be written in a way that shows its distinctness from other parties.


10 months ago G. Galen Mayhew said:

Hi! It's been a while since I last updated "Nightrunner," but I've just uploaded three more chapters. I have many more ready to be posted, and I'll upload them in small groups. I hope you are still interested in reading my book, and enjoy!


about 2 years ago Kayla Allen said:

I feel you. I didn't write much my first couple years because I was so focused on class, so I'm glad I've been doing it more now.

What kind of classes are you taking?

I'm doing well! I'm starting a combined BA/MA program in English this year, so I have my first graduate classes next week. It's going to be a busy semester!


about 2 years ago Kayla Allen said:

Yeah, I was thinking about that too! I think we were respectful with our portrayal.

P.S. Hope college is going well!

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