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about 2 years ago Maeko.the.mafia.boss said:

Hiiii! I was wondering if you're up for a swap. If you are, can you check out The Blood of Angels and offer up a review or comment, please?

Keep in mind that I return what you do. If you just give a heart I just give a heart. A short comment gets a short comment. If you do a lengthy, in depth review I'll do likewise.

Also when you've completed either a review or comment can you please type in it what you'd like me to read. Its easier to find them that way than if you put it on my wall. And since mine is 1 chapter long, please don't expect me to read 80 chapters :P

Thank you and have a great day!!

(it says there's 7 chapters but only one is the actual story. You'll understand when you click )


over 2 years ago Paesly Oswald said:

Hello, I was hoping your would be willing to comment/review my story "Where the Rain Falls." It is a work in progress and I need some clear feedback on it. I would of course return the favor and read/comment on something of yours. Let me know, thanks!


over 2 years ago DJV said:

Calling all Figgies!! I need your help to win a design contest! If I win, I get $1,000 closer to my goal of going to college and hopefully getting out debt-free!! If you like my design, vote! :) Tell me what you want me to heart or make a cover for if you don't want to give me a free vote! :) —————————————————————————————————— I apologize if I’ve already asked! If I have, please just ignore this and delete it!  photo Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.22.24 PM_zps5urerz1j.png


almost 3 years ago cazilly said:

Swap? If so, please read my story One Night Love and leave constructive criticism, as I'll do the same of any of your pieces.


about 4 years ago Nani said:

Hey, would you like to swap? If so please read my poem Elena's Room, it is only a minute long and let me know what you would want me to read. A poem, short story, or first chapter of anything. Please leave honest feedback and I will give honest feedback.

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