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    Morning Circumstances

    Poem for William C. Williams contest. Covers the daily circumstances of a teenage girl's morning (mine).

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    Angel's Vengeance

    When one sails they taste freedom. I myself have tasted freedom many times if this is the case, many times indeed. To say that I am in…

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about 4 years ago Juana Capelluto said:

hello! i was wondering if you could please read my poem "Untied yet somehow Tied" thank you! (:


about 4 years ago Genesis Riedal said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? If so, read anything I have and just write on your comment what youd like me to read, as long as its under 10 minutes. Thanks!



about 4 years ago Olivia Williams said:

Also, I should probably mention that even though Orias is a demon, he was raised on earth.


about 4 years ago Olivia Williams said:

No problem sweetheart~ I'm sorry it was so short!


about 4 years ago Olivia Williams said:

Question, How could I make Orias seem more Alien than a bratty teen? Any advice would be helpful!

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