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  • Creative-mind-brain-wallpaper
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    A Symphony of Thoughts

    My entry for the Telepathic Powers contest

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  • Plastic hearts
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    Plastic Hearts

    A poem about the politics of gossip and the rumor mill. It is written in the form of a rondeau.

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  • Alpacalypse
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    The Alpacalypse

    Forget zombies, the alpacas are coming for us. This is a script for a short movie that I started a while ago, and I am now attempting …

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Talk to me!


11 months ago v.c. snow said:

Hey there! Care to swap? If so, please read "i remember" and I'll read anything you want in return. Have a fantastic day!


over 1 year ago Cait Cher said:

Hi there, friend! Are you interested in swapping? I'm not looking for anything except for what I could improve on my story. I'll read anything that you want me to as long as we complete both of our ends of the deal.

Here's the link:


over 1 year ago Kaitie Doherty said:

I'm hoping I can get your help; I've recently completed my very first children's book, and I need some fresh eyes to take a look at it and provide helpful feedback and/or advice. The story is just about 500 words, and if you're interested in being my beta reader, please take a look at it on my profile. Thank you!


almost 2 years ago SuperWhovianLiar said:

Everyone seems to want to end the world. Whether it be the news, your favorite TV show, or your favorite book, everyone is doing it. So come on over to the Apocalypse RP and see how we've destroyed the world and if your interested, maybe throw a character of your own into the mix. I apologize if you hate ads.


about 2 years ago Kate Onyx said:

Awesome sauce, the alpacalypse is awesome sauce! XD XD XD And sorry about this but I gotta advertise SOMEWHERE. At least it's the cool moving kind...

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My Reviews


(almost 4 years ago)

I love the approach you took with this challenge! I understand why it had to be shorter due to the contest's word limit, but this could b... Read More »

Altered Perception

(almost 4 years ago)

I really like this piece! The idea is really well done and I love the little details, like a thief's smirk. My only issue is that the beg... Read More »