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  • Rain-drops-on-the-branch-18753
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    A story arc.

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  • 6996577-dark-lovedd
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    Love Thy Enemy

    Ava Martinez is a vampire slayer. Aiden Smith is her prey. She should have no qualms about killing him when he poses as a normal teena…

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  • Snow_flowers_wallpaper___2_by_hoatongoc-d5g8g2y
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    A Warm Embrace

    When hope is all lost, a pair of footsteps can change everything.

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  • Art-photography-best-of-the-best
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    Things Have Changed For Me

    Here are my pieces for the 29 day writing challenge. Each chapter is a different day. I'm a bit behind, so I will add and switch chapt…

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  • From fire comes ash
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    From Fire Comes Ash

    9 year old Peter Noman lives at an orphanage in the run-down city of Falten, and he hates it. From the orphanage's bitter owner Lady C…

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  • Candle-alight
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    A piece about a man's obsessive love affair.

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about 14 hours ago Sophia Edwards said:

Hey! So my latest review was actually for ch. 7 not six. Sorry.


13 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Hellooo! This is an invitation to be one of the first to join my new group: Kayla's Writer's Workshop! It's more on the collaborative side where you can get help and learn some tips for writing.

You can work on creating characters, brainstorming concepts for stories, and review some lessons I have on different aspects of writing. I also offer free beta reading, free reviews, and covers!

If you're interested, join today! ^^

Kelsey chow

18 days ago Nocturne said:

oh duh lol it's just that as far as I remember you've never said an "ohhhh" at something cute. :P But thanks for clarifying!

Kelsey chow

18 days ago Nocturne said:

Hey I just got back from my trip yesterday so I'll get back to reviewing soon! I missed reading your book!!!!!!!

Oh and thanks a bunch for the latest reviews! Btw, in the one for Ch 14 you say "ohhhhh" at James pulling Selah aside after they left the library. Is it cuz you thought he was gonna kiss her? or he was being too forceful? Just wondering what you mean by the ohh lol


18 days ago Sophia Edwards said:

read ch. 5

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My Reviews

Written in the Scars

(18 days ago)

Chapter 17: "Or they were just super lousy with their jobs" the phrase is more like "lousy at their jobs" than with their jobs "All... Read More »

Written in the Scars

(21 days ago)

Chapter 16: "But she wasn't depressed, was she?" lmao you don't just assume someone is not depressed "what did he do to make her ha... Read More »