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  • Rain-drops-on-the-branch-18753
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    A story arc.

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  • 6996577-dark-lovedd
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    Love Thy Enemy

    Ava Martinez is a vampire slayer. Aiden Smith is her prey. She should have no qualms about killing him when he poses as a normal teena…

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  • Snow_flowers_wallpaper___2_by_hoatongoc-d5g8g2y
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    A Warm Embrace

    When hope is all lost, a pair of footsteps can change everything.

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  • Art-photography-best-of-the-best
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    Things Have Changed For Me

    Here are my pieces for the 29 day writing challenge. Each chapter is a different day. I'm a bit behind, so I will add and switch chapt…

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  • From fire comes ash
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    From Fire Comes Ash

    9 year old Peter Noman lives at an orphanage in the run-down city of Falten, and he hates it. From the orphanage's bitter owner Lady C…

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  • Candle-alight
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    A piece about a man's obsessive love affair.

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Talk to me!

All magic comes with a price

about 19 hours ago E.W. Hemmings said:

Hiya! Sorry I've taken so long to read another chapter of Love Thy Enemy as part of our swap. I hope to have it done soon though. I've had quite a lot of swaps on and I was trying to sort out my one-chapter swaps first before going on to the longer ones :)

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

- Em

Kelsey chow

1 day ago Nocturne said:

Thanks!! And btw while you're adding more chapters when I'm gone, you can review past the next two since one thing I dislike about ch-by-ch reviews is the long gaps that can happen between reviews which can make you forget some stuff...but if you want to strictly follow up my reviews then that's fine with me too.

Kelsey chow

1 day ago Nocturne said:

Hey, just letting you know I'm gonna be offline for the next two weeks for vacation, so I won't be reviewing until I come back. I hope this won't inconvenience you in any way!!


4 days ago SemperConspexeram said:

My review for "Love Thy Enemy" is up now!


5 days ago SemperConspexeram said:

I got my review of Arc up! I'll hopefully be able to get your other piece done soon. I gave you a wow because there isn't a button for "writing satisfaction" or "grinning maniacally at the screen because that was great." :P

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Shakria's Fall

(1 day ago)

Hello! I review as I read, so here goes: So, after reading part of the first paragraph, I decided to skip to the appendix just so I ca... Read More »


(6 days ago)

I review as I read, so here goes: The Accident The very first part of The Accident seems unnecessary. Everything you tell us, we sh... Read More »