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    The Story of Foxface

    CREDIT FOR THE COVER GOES TO RAYCHEL LEE I've always been obsessed with the story of Foxface, so I wrote one of my own! For the fanfi…

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    Dear Love,

    Two letters sent after a breakup. Two heartbreaking versions of the same sad ending. Credits to Alex Grace for the amazing cover!!

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about 2 years ago Cece said:

Hey there! I was reading your profile and you seem really interesting, I was just wondering if you'd like to swap? I just posted the first chapter of a story I'm working on and I'd really appreciate some feedback, so if you could even read a few paragraphs of Dead Girl Walking and I'll read any of your stories I would be so grateful!


about 2 years ago glitter said:

Could we swap, you read first?

Anime girl

almost 3 years ago Maree said:

Have you ever wanted to go to Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and Hermione? Of course you have! And now you can- Join Hogwarts for Muggles to get sorted by the sorting hat, attend classes, compete in Quidditch competitions and Interhouse competitions, and much more! Hope to see you there!



over 3 years ago Kristiin Kerby said:

Hi! I'm back!!! Every week I'm updating The Girl With Blue Eyes weekly! you have showed interest in this book in the past so I thought I would tell you!

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over 3 years ago ♥Felicia K. said:

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The Band of Misfits

(over 4 years ago)

Ahhh okay I wrote half of a super long review and it just went away poof. Okay so starting again! At the beginning when you described... Read More »


(over 4 years ago)

Okay...a bit too gory for my taste but I'll take. It's just...I don't know I feel like any story as dark as this should have some sort of... Read More »