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    She woke up on the silver sand without a memory of her past. The world around her was as clouded as her mind and all that was left of …

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over 4 years ago Kayla Thaler said:

Hey, I have entered a haiku contest and was wondering if you would check out my haiku, "Alone." It's ten words long and I really want to try and win this contest. I'm not asking for heart, please only give a heart if I deserve it. If you don't want to give me a free read on this (I would really love it, because it is only 10 words), I will be happy to swap with you. Thanks! Sorry if you have already read this or if I have posted this before.

Hippie kelly

almost 5 years ago Kelly Coy said:

Hi, would you mind reading/hearting my story "Levi and Violet" ? I will check out and heart any story of yours in return! Just post on my wall. :)

Thank you, Kelly Coy


almost 5 years ago Remembrance said:

I read 'Forgotten' and in return, as your choice you can read/heart any book of mine. Thanks! ;D


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A Violet Problem

(almost 5 years ago)

I'm not a fan of present tense but this wasn't half bad. I like your characters and its a great new version of a classic which is great. ... Read More »

What if?

(almost 5 years ago)

Very emotional and action packed! I love the characters in this, but her reason (though characteristically accurate) is upsetting :(. Gre... Read More »