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  • Figment2
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    A Twist of Fate

    Aelin is having a difficult time finding herself and coming back to the real world. But when she finds herself drawn to a mysterious g…

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  • Lovemeso
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    If crazy equals genius... then these two are some f**king arsonists.

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  • Ashes
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    Living in England as a mason's daughter in 1880 is truly difficult. Jane White has had a first-hand experience of that, to be sure! Bu…

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  • Gameofchess1
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    Ivy has no idea of the power she has... with music. This is a work in progress, I would appreciate criticism and advice!

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  • Fallingapart1
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    Charles Dufont

    Charles Dufont is a literary journalist who has just begun his to-be famous career. Will he keep his job, or will his reputation be co…

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  • Followtheleader
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    I Tripped

    Entry in the Everyday Inspiration Poetry Contest. So, I trip almost every day at least once. It's an everyday thing. So I wrote a poem…

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about 1 month ago Rachel Rauch said:

Two questions: 1) I ordered two covers a LONG time ago but I haven't gotten anything back. What's up with that? 2) Can I order another cover or would you not fulfill that either?

Pro pic by tony trin aster

about 1 month ago Trinity Aster(hiatus) said:

I put a cover request in your shop! Thanks in advance

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3 months ago Irene Grey said:

nooooo not another KPOP-er XD XD

I'm well. Busy as hell, as my good friend says. XD School (or skull, as it is affectionately called in my house) and work are slowly killing me. If I one day don't show up to Fig anymore that's why. I was murdered by stress and homework XD

hby? do you have a job? I work at Subway. :P

Profile picture

3 months ago Rachel Rauch said:

Hey Grace,

I was put on hold a while ago but I don't understand what you mean by that. Does that mean you're working on it? I'm just wondering. Please just let me know.

Sincerely, Rachel Rauch


4 months ago Grace Meredith said:

Insomniac artist and designer with a kpop obsession and several pairs of converse. Feel free to chat or visit my cover shop, Whimsy. ;)

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My Reviews

The Beauty Project

(about 1 year ago)

You did a great job of hooking me in. I was only planning to read the first chapter, but I'm just a sucker for girly fics! You also m... Read More »


(about 1 year ago)

Review sponsored by The Atrium This is a very promising piece! Your grammar was excellent, so I don't have much to critique there. Thi... Read More »