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about 4 years ago Elodie Gardener said:

Hey! I just read some of your work and noticed that you write really well about tough topics. I'd really love it if you could check out my blog whispwords.blogspot.com and consider contributing your work. I'm trying to start a blog that features pieces on eating disorders, body image, etc. and raise awareness and understanding on the subject. Please give it a look and a thought! Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Hello!! Would you be interested in swapping hearts? If so please read and heart my flash-fiction story, The Flutter Of A Final Heartbeat. Once you do that please post on my wall what you want me to read out of your stories!! Thank you soooo much!!! (Sorry if I already asked you to read that! And If you don’t like swapping just delete this post.)


almost 5 years ago Maya said:

Hi. Would you like to swap?


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