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  • Cassidycloseup
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    Cassidy Engebrooke lives in a world where people have operations to change their genetic code as often as people go get plastic surger…

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  • Dear-daughter
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    Love, Teddy

    A series of letters written by a sixteen-year-old to her daughter about her life since she gave birth in the rising events of the Civi…

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  • Little_lisa_simpson_by_jewelschan
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    It's eight years from the end of "Lisa the Drama Queen". Lisa Simpson has grown into a charming, intelligent young woman with high hon…

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    Akuma No Seigi

    Sakura looks like an average girl, but with one difference: she hunts demons for a living. Co-written by

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  • Poetry1
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    The Book of Poetry

    A collection of poems written by me that will be updated every time I write an awesome/deep/inspiring/extremely creative poem

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  • Discord__s_balloon_pumpkin___jack_o_lantern_cutout_by_quigon777-d5jfp1h
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    Is insanity the path towards Chaos and Disharmony?

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over 4 years ago Hanna Schwinn said:

Rosie! I miss your creativity! I can't wait to see that you've posted something new someday! Remember me on the dedication page! Miri


almost 5 years ago Espoir said:

"7 days is all it takes. 7 days to choose. 7 days to fight. 7 days to end it all. 7 days until the end."

Hi! Do you enjoy roleplaying? Especially fantasy roleplaying? If you do, please join The Cataclysm! This high action fantasy story will keep you at the edge of your seat! Join now!


almost 6 years ago Krystal Smith said:

If you swap. Please read No Sense and give it what you think it desveres and I'll return the favor on one of your pieces.


about 5 years ago Brooke Norris said:

“Our country, Kalbania, prohibits marriage between different fiefdoms in order to protect its feudal system. Gilbert and I were ignorant of the law when we fell in love, but didn’t care when we learned. Our love was treacherous, but unstoppable.” If you liked the previous paragraph, please read “Our Love was Treacherous” for the Catherine contest. Below is a link for your convenience. Thanks. :-)


about 5 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:


To m'lords and ladies:


It is with great revere and humility that I come to your glorious profile. *low, sweeping bow* I wish greatly that I came with good tidings, but alas I bear ill news that I fear I must trouble you with. Please forgive me for casting such woes on your already burdened shoulders. Tis' not my first choice in meeting, but time is bent against me and I see no other choice. *kneels*

I (being Sprad the First) wove the tale entitled Listen – a story packed with stunning detail, heroic knights, and one heck of a piano player - and it is my sole wish to ask that you bequeath your support for my story so that it can stand against the throes of the great and horrific war known only to Figment authors as the Seventeen Magazine Contest. (Not to mention, *meaningful raising of eyebrows* it's only 485 words long *winning smile*)

I am willing to participate in haggling of any sorts: I take swaps, trades, and dare I even speak of the legendary free read. AND *queue drum roll* I'll even throw in a virtual hot chocolate WITH MARSHMALLOWS PEOPLE!!

But now, with regret, I fear I must bid thee a goodday. Many others I still must herald my plea to. *bows again, swiftly yet deeply* I am forever in your debt for your kind reception of me into your noble halls and your election to consider my offers.

A star shines upon the hour of our meeting *clasps hand across chest in farewell*


*If you don't do swaps or I have visited your hall before... *kneels* I beg your pardon with most sincere and meekest of apologies. I vow I will strive to do better in your memory!

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