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    The Wishing Well

    Thea Silver found a wishing well. A well that will change her future permanently.

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almost 5 years ago Marie Horton said:

Can you heart my story 'In Time'? If you don't do free hearts please read and heart if you like it. Any feedback is appreciated also but not necessary.

If you want me to read one of your stories in return please comment on my WALL what you would like me to read. Please no longer than 5 minutes max. If you don't have a story that short, your shortest story will do. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry if I already asked you, I can't keep everyone I ask straight.


almost 5 years ago Amaryliss White said:

Hi! Would you mind checking out my story, “Never Break Me”? I’ll read anything of yours in return, just tell me what. (If I’ve already posted this, I’m sorry, and feel free to ignore it!) Thank you!


almost 5 years ago J. L. Sterling said:

Hello fellow fig! Can you please read and heart "WOLFGANG". It’s about 3 minutes long. For the Patterson contest. I’m trying to reach a goal of 300 hearts. Will read anything of yours for the swap. Thank you :)


almost 5 years ago Lori Borys said:

Liz, I friended you on facebook and sent a message regarding The Guardian Trilogy. Would love to hear back from you. Your writing is excellent!

Milan london

almost 5 years ago mena london said:

Click this link:


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