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2 months ago Scarlet River Fox said:

Hey pst you interested in joining Skytop and I are seeing who we can gather up to rp and I wanted to know if you were interested, and if you are feel free to join (


9 months ago AkujiAmara-Death said:

A RP based off in the future with humans coexisting with androids, robots, and cyborgs, creating the latest technology and tool for war.

Hundreds of years in the future there was a man who created the most well-known androids in the world. They called him Father Time, for a reason unknown to all! He was later forced to create mass-human weapons to gain power in their home country, even resulting to human experiments.

Now all that's left are aspiring creators in a poverty-like home, forced to make the next best thing. It's even said Father Time has left behind one of his oldest creations, and it is hiding somewhere! Waiting to be awoken.


12 months ago AkujiAmara-Death said:

Creatures, Gods, Goddesses, they have all ventured too far away from tge human world. They have to respect or understanding of the way they live. A greater being, the creator of the gods, Chaos, has brought down his power again, sending these Gods down to the humans Earth. He changes them to the size of humans and cut there powers in half, liniting them. He then enrolls them in a highschool, wanting them to learn the customs and ways humans work hard with only their brains and physical strength.


over 1 year ago nevaeh(caiti) said:

After I sent that last mesg. I stopped having time to get on here. I just realized I haven't gotten on in awhile and should check on my stuff. Um...I've been fine I've been getting ready for college and I have two jobs now and yada yada. >.<


over 1 year ago Alessandra Denzett said:

Hey Cynthia! Would you like me to change the title of your cover?

(Just an impulse. Sorry XD)

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