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    Graham was cursed by a Wizard to die and never be able to enter the Gates of the Afterlife. After years of roaming the earth, he meets…

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almost 5 years ago Mackenzie Kelley said:

Hello, care to swap? If yes then please read It's Not Okay, then comment on my wall with how I can return the favor. Thanks!

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almost 5 years ago Alexandra Perchanidou said:

Hello! I would be glad if you could check my story "Like the sun and the moon..." and if you like it heart it please. (only 3 min of your time)

It's a heart-based contest and i would really appreciate your help. :) Also i will return the favor and read ny of your works you want me to (just let me know).

Thank you very much and have a great time! PS: Επιτέλους μια Ελληνίδα!!!


almost 5 years ago Dennis Mawson said:

Hey, i have a new group i think you might enjoy. Check it out, and discuss great books, read great books, just talk or even roleplay! How cool is that? Check it out here.



almost 5 years ago Madeleine G. said:


Could you read my super short story, "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION" and give it a heart? You won't regret it! It is pretty short and mysterious. I'm out to reach my goal of 1,000 hearts. This story is something I'd like to read! So go. Take a look at "PERCEPTION OF DECEPTION"! I really need some "free reads" but if you want, I'm up for a swap. Thanks! Also, I make legal covers for appropriate stories!



almost 5 years ago Jazmin Avila said:

Hey, care to swap? If yes, could you please read, "Annabelle"? She is the first book to my Series. I would love to see what you think about it. Thank you.

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